Capurgana or the land of the chilli pepper

Capurgana nestles on Cape Tiburon at the westernmost point of Colombia´s Caribbean coast, a few kilometers from the Darien mountains amid dense, tropical vegetation, is one of the most beautiful spot in the entire geography of this country.

This tropical paradise, set in the fascinating jungle topography of Darien, was named Capurgana, meaning land of the chilli pepper, by the Cuna Indians, who were its inhabitants until late in the 19th Century.

When merchants arrived from Pasacaballos and forced them to escape and refuge in the Panamanian Islands of San Blas.

Today, this region, where the tropical rain forest, the ridges of the Baudo mountains and the Atlantic Ocean come together, is an ideal place for anyone looking for adventure, beauty, tranquility, blue sea, watching dolphins playing in crystal clear water or visiting one of the five nesting grounds next by, of the Cana or Leatherback turtles.

The ideal time to see them is from January to June, preferably the Eastern time, which is the highest of the nesting season. Capurgana, a region preserved from the introduction of noisy automobiles, geography where nature thrusts forth in all its abundance and where time passes at its own gentle pace.


Land of Choco in Colombia, Caribbean coast near the border to Panama, population: approx. 3000, avg. temperature: 28-32° Celsius, subtropical landscape, Darien jungle.
GPS 77° 20´ 47" W, 8° 38´ 16" N

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