Tour 1: Natural Park ´El Cielo´

Horseback ride to the Natural Park ´El Cielo´ crossing a tropical landscape, reaching an area with several sweet water waterfalls and natural pools to feel the wonder and magic of this special place. (Incl. guide 30.000 COP)

Tour 2: Sapzurro & La Miel

Boat trip to the villages Sapzuro and La Miel, the last village of Colombia and the first village of Panama. (50.000 COP without lunch) Sapzurro is located in a beautiful bay with the same name, a ten minute ride by motorboat from Capurgana.

This little hamlet offers a silence broken only by the waving of palm leaves and the sound of the waves of the Caribbean Sea. In the rainy season we will walk to the cascade of Diana, a sweet water waterfall, where also when we are lucky can see and hear the curious howling monkeys.

Afterwards we will continue our excursion to the Playa la Miel, the first Panamanian community. This beautiful white and fine sand beach also can be reached by crossing the mountain and have a spectacular view to both sides and both countries.

Tour 3: The Beach ´Playa de Soledad´

Boat Trip to the beach ´Playa Soledad´ (35.000 COP). Playa Soledad, south of Capurgana we will reach after a 30 minutes boat ride. It´s an impressive lonely beach with white and fine sand surrounded by crystal clear water.

This place is an excellent beach to take a sun bath in a very private and nature atmosphere. It´s perfect to snorkel and in some season you can see all kind of fish even big ones beside the wonderful world of its corals.

During the boat ride we will pass the Island of the Birds and the Bay of Pinoroa.

Tour 4: Islands of San Blas

Boat trip to the Islands of San Blas in Panama (Incl. Snack 200.000 COP / min. 10 Pax). This archipelago with more than three hundred islets and numerous keys, It´s in the Caribbean Sea, a few kilometers from Panama. The inhabitants of San Blas are the indigenous Cuna community, an American Indian Culture of farmers, fisherman, and craftsmen. A two hour motorboat ride takes you to the fabulous Islands of San Blas.

The boat leaves from Capurgana for Pto.Obaldia, a small Panamanian port, where we get our entry permit to these Islands.
Leaving Port Obaldia marks the start of a fascinating journey to the archipelago, with its tropical climate and abundant rainfall. The ecosystems of many of the islets that form this chain conserve a wealth of tropical flora and fauna found only on land as yet unexplored.

Start by seeing an islet in formation creating on a sand bank rising from the warm, transparent Caribbean water. The calm sea that surrounds San Blas is perfect for scuba diving.

Tour 5: Diving, Snorkeling & Kayak

In Capurgana you can explore one of the last virgin reefs of the world; every dive site stands out for its diversity and stunning coral reefs, which provide a home to a large number of species. Here you will find wall dives from 15 to 120 feet deep, special for certificated divers.

For beginners there are also special sites with less deeps and controlled conditions. We rent snorkel equipment and we organize your diving trips. As well we rent kayak to explore the coast. We have got approx. more than 30 dive sites and you will see a huge coral and animal variety:

Mollusks, lobsters, spider crabs, crabs, Atlantic mantas, spotted eagle ray, nurse sharks, hawksbill turtles, jewfishes, squirrel fishes, hind, snapper, grunt, butterfly fishes, rock beauty, cowfishes, trunk fishes, balloon fishes.

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